Antique advertising signs have disappeared from the streets, stores and public places since many decades. Most of these items have found their way into private collections, museums or the worldwide specialized dealer network. Without any doubt there is a big difference between regular, mass produced signs that you can find anywhere on the internet, fleamarkets, galleries, etc … and exclusive, rare, hard-to-find ‘topsigns’ as we like to refer to here, on our website.


The continuous growing public interest and increasing number of private collectors makes some of these exclusive topsigns often to hunted treasures, fetching record values.  Likely a  bést invest for savings in uncertain economical times, providing daily enjoyment.


So many different designs, exciting subjects, forgotten brands, vivid colors, ... sometimes very limited editions of which only a handfull known worldwide, marked with famous designers’ signatures, and hopefully perfectly conserved in outstanding & bright condition.  


Sit back and enjoy ... THIS IS 21th CENTURY ART !

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