WHY ? Would we risk our savings today ?  We are facing economically very doubtfull times …

Your money in the stock market is at risk and could disappear within the next click of your mouse. Your interest rate on bank accounts has never been as low as today.   Keeping the yearly inflation in mind we are actually losing money storing it on savings accounts or checking accounts. Financial specialists even think this trend is going to continue for some time.


Some people choose to invest in real estate, others invest in classic cars.  Some people even invest in collectors whisky’s, wines or ancient paintings. So why not investing in a 21th century art icon from a famous designer  that will only continue to increase in value and its value won’t magically disappear into thin air. This is like eventually getting your exclusive antique enamel advertising sign for free, and imagine the fine memories you will create for your family, your children, even your grand-children.


Choose your most favourite sign within your budget,  try to find it in the best possible condition on the market, and it will always be considered as a wise investment and a wholesome family fun.


If you had the wisdom to a buy Loxton Knight’s SANDEMAN PORT & SHERRY sign in good condition at a reasonable price today, would you do so ? In case you would be looking for that one special, exclusive sign that you can’t find anywhere else … just let us know, with 25 years of experience we might just be able to help you find it.


Today is your opportunity to invest in both your family and this very exciting, attractive artform.  Diversifying your portfolio with exclusive enamel advertising signs is definitely a smart way to protect and enjoy the fruits of your labor.